Class DependencyReader

All Implemented Interfaces:
IO, ProCAKEReader

public class DependencyReader extends AbstractXMLReader
Implementation of DependencyReader.
Rahol Kumar, Alexander Schultheis
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    • getName

      public String getName()
      Each io component must have a name that is used in IOFactory.newIO(String). The name must be unique thus it is usefull to use a short description or to the class name ( this.getClass().getName()).
      Returns the name of the io component.
    • provideHandler

      protected AbstractXMLHandler provideHandler()
      Description copied from class: AbstractXMLReader
      Provides a handler by the subclass in order to be used to create the parser. This should reduce code duplicates.
      Specified by:
      provideHandler in class AbstractXMLReader
      the provided content handler
    • isHandlerFor

      public boolean isHandlerFor(Class value)
      Checks if the io component is capable to perform the operation for objects of this class.

      A typical implementation looks like:

       public boolean isHandlerFor(Class value) {
              if (DataObject.class.isAssignableFrom(value))
                      return true;
              return false;
      value - The class that has to be checked.
      Results true if the class can oeprate with the given class.
    • copy

      public IO copy()
      overwritten copy-method from Object; use it to copy a complete operator
    • setDependencyModelToBeInitialized

      public void setDependencyModelToBeInitialized(DependencyModel dependencyModel)