Class FactoryObjectImplementation

Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractEmptyFactoryObjectImplementation, IOImpl, ModelFactoryObjectImpl, NESTGraphVisualizerImpl, NESTWorkflowVisualizerImpl, OntologyFactoryObjectImpl, SimilarityModelFactoryObjectImpl, TransformationConfigFactoryObjectImpl, WriteableObjectPoolImpl

public abstract class FactoryObjectImplementation extends Object
Each implementation of a factory object must extend this class. The interface is used to be able to initialize the implementation.

The initialization is done by the CompositionManager in three steps:

  • The preInit method is called with the initialization parameters for all implementations.
  • The implementation is bind to the factory.
  • The postInit method is called after all implementations are bind. The implementation can now establish connections to other Factories.
Rainer Maximini
  • Constructor Details

    • FactoryObjectImplementation

      public FactoryObjectImplementation()
  • Method Details

    • preInit

      public abstract void preInit(AbstractParameter[] parameter)
      Called directly after creating the implementation.
      parameter - The parameters to initialize the implementation.
    • postInit

      public abstract void postInit()
      Called after all factories are initialized with preInit(AbstractParameter[]) and bind to the factory.
    • getParameters

      public abstract List<Parameter> getParameters()
      Returns a list of available parameters in the implementation. This method can be called without initialization and is never null.
    • getParameter

      public Parameter getParameter(String name)
      name - The name of the parameter to retrieve.
      Returns the parameter of the implementation with the given name. Returns null if no such operator exists.
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    • initParametersBasedOn

      protected void initParametersBasedOn(FactoryObjectImplementation base)
      Initializes parameters of this implementation object based on a given base implementation
      base - The implementation to base on.