Interface DependencyModel

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public interface DependencyModel
Interface, that defines the structure for the dependency model, where all dependencies are saved and retrieved during runtime.
Rahol Kumar, Alexander Schultheis
  • Method Details

    • addDependency

      void addDependency(Dependency dependency)
      Method, that adds a dependency to the dependency model.
      dependency - The dependency to be added to the model.
    • addDependencies

      void addDependencies(Collection<Dependency> dependencies)
      Method, that adds a collection of dependencies to the dependency model.
      dependencies - The dependencies to be added to the model.
    • getDependencies

      Set<Dependency> getDependencies()
      Method, that returns all dependencies saved in the model.
      A set of all dependencies.
    • getDependencyTypesAsString

      Set<String> getDependencyTypesAsString()
      Method, that returns the names of the dependency types, which were used in the dependencies, saved in the model.
      A set of strings, containing the dependency type names.
    • getDependencyTypes

      Set<DependencyType> getDependencyTypes()
      Method, that returns the dependency types, which were saved in the dependency model.
      All available dependency types.
    • getDependencyType

      DependencyType getDependencyType(String dependencyTypeName)
      Method, that gets the name of a dependency type and returns the corresponding object.
      dependencyTypeName - The name of the specific dependency type.
      The required dependency type. If it does not exist, null is returned.
    • getDependencies

      Set<Dependency> getDependencies(String dependencyName, DataObject sourceObject, DataObject targetObject)
      Method, that returns a set of dependencies, that match the given name of the dependency class and the used source and target objects.
      dependencyName - The name of the dependency type.
      sourceObject - The source object used in the dependency.
      targetObject - The target object used in the dependency.
      A set of dependencies, that match the given constraints.
    • addDependencyType

      void addDependencyType(DependencyType dependencyType)
      Method, that stores a new dependency type in the model.
      dependencyType - The dependency type, that should be added to the model.
    • addDependencySimilarity

      void addDependencySimilarity(DependencyType sourceDependencyType, DependencyType targetDependencyType, double similarity)
      Method, that stores a similarity between two dependency types. Both dependency types must exist in the model, otherwise, an exception is thrown.
      sourceDependencyType - The dependency type from which the similarity originates.
      targetDependencyType - The dependency type to which the similarity exists.
      similarity - The similarity value between those both dependency types.
    • getDependencySimilarity

      double getDependencySimilarity(DependencyType dependencyType1, DependencyType dependencyType2)