Interface NESTDataNodeObject

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<NESTGraphItemObject>, DataObject, NESTGraphItemObject, NESTNodeObject, PropertyHandler
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public interface NESTDataNodeObject extends NESTNodeObject
Interface of a Data-Node of a NEST-graph. Each data item in a workflow is represented by a data node. Its semantic description classifies the data item within some data type ontology and may specify certain data properties(e.g. a data set has missing values) relevant for retrieval. Control-flow centric workflows may have no data nodes.
Alexander Stromer
  • Method Details

    • getConsumerTasks

      Set<NESTTaskNodeObject> getConsumerTasks()
      returns a set of all tasks that consumes the current data node
    • getProducerTasks

      Set<NESTTaskNodeObject> getProducerTasks()
      returns a set of all tasks that produces the current data node
    • getConnectedTasks

      Set<NESTTaskNodeObject> getConnectedTasks()
      returns the set of all producer and consumer tasks (all task liked with at least one data-flow edge)
    • getTransitiveConnectedDataNodes

      Set<NESTDataNodeObject> getTransitiveConnectedDataNodes()