Setup #

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Setup Java Development Environment #

Make sure that you have a current Java version installed. The ProCAKE framework expects Java 11.

Setup for IntelliJ IDEA IDE #

Current development is done with IntelliJ IDEA on Windows 10. To import the project please follow the following steps:

  1. Before you start IntelliJ, download and install Git for Windows from
  2. Check out the ProCAKE project from this repository. You find a button ‘Clone’ on page ‘Project’. In IntelliJ IDEA select VCS | Checkout from Version Control | Git.
  3. ProCAKE is a Maven project, so make sure that the project is imported as a maven project.

Setup user name in Git #

There are two ways to set a username (and the corresponding e-mail) for Git:

  1. Define a user name globally for all projects (on your computer)
  2. Define a user name locally for your project

Global user name #

You can set your global user name in the .gitconfig-file that is located in the home folder of your user account (default: C:\Users\[user]\). Add or edit the following lines:

    name = mustermann
    email =

Local user name #

Your local user name overwrites your global user name and can be set in the .gitconfig-file of your local project (e.g.: [project_root]\.git\config). Add or edit the following lines:

    name = mustermann
    email =