Setup #

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Setup Java Development Environment #

Make sure that you have a current Java version installed. The ProCAKE framework expects Java 17.

General procedure when using ProCAKE #

There are two basic options for working with ProCAKE: working with ProCAKE as the only project and including ProCAKE via Maven. It makes sense to think carefully about which option you choose.

Using ProCAKE as a Maven dependency means that you cannot make any changes to the actual code. This gives you the great advantage of no merge conflicts when a new ProCAKE version is released, which happens on a scheduled semi-annual basis. You should use this variant if you are not actively involved in the development of the framework, and you want your changes to be integrated. You can include ProCAKE via Maven as follows:


You can find the current versions at

If you want to actively develop ProCAKE, it is possible to check out the project. Nevertheless, it is recommended to create possible enhancements in a separate project first and integrate them afterwards. For this, you should use a separate branch until the extension is fully compilable. The following is the setup for IntelliJ as an example programming environment.

Setup for IntelliJ IDEA IDE #

Current development is done with IntelliJ IDEA on Windows 10. To import the project please follow the following steps:

  1. Before you start IntelliJ, download and install Git for Windows from
  2. Check out the ProCAKE project from this repository. You find a button ‘Clone’ on page ‘Project’. In IntelliJ IDEA select VCS | Checkout from Version Control | Git.
  3. ProCAKE is a Maven project, so make sure that the project is imported as a maven project.

Setup user name in Git #

There are two ways to set a username (and the corresponding e-mail) for Git:

  1. Define a user name globally for all projects (on your computer)
  2. Define a user name locally for your project

Global user name #

You can set your global user name in the .gitconfig-file that is located in the home folder of your user account (default: C:\Users\[user]\). Add or edit the following lines:

    name = mustermann
    email =

Local user name #

Your local user name overwrites your global user name and can be set in the .gitconfig-file of your local project (e.g.: [project_root]\.git\config). Add or edit the following lines:

    name = mustermann
    email =