Demo #

The demo project illustrates several features of the ProCAKE framework in two exemplary domains:

  1. The cars domain contains a data-set about used vehicles for sale. The casebase consists of structured, attribute-value based cases. The domain model, the casebase, and the specified similarity model for the cars domain can be found in the demo project at src/resources/domains/cars/.
  2. The recipes domain contains a data-set about cooking instructions. The demo project contains two recipes casebases: In the first casebase, the recipes are represented as attribute-value pairs. The casebase, the similarity model, and the domain model can be found at src/resources/domains/recipes/objects/. In the second casebase, the recipes are represented as workflows. The corresponding models and the casebase can be found at src/resources/domains/recipes/workflows/.

There are different exemplary demos in this project:

  • Class GettingStartedDemo: Demonstrates the basic usage of the ProCAKE framework
  • Package cars: Provides a demo class CarsRetrievalDemo demonstrating the attribute-value based retrieval on the cars casebase
    • Package ontology: Provides a demo class CarsOntologyRetrievalDemo demonstrating the OWL integration using the Manufacturer taxonomy converted to an ontology which then is used as a URIClass in conjunction with a InstanceOntologyOrderPredicate in the model. Covers the taxonomy to ontology converter, ontology loading, linking it to a URIClass, defining instances of the URIClass in the casebase, adding a path based similiarity measure for the URIClass and a retrieval showing the similarity calculation.
  • Package recipes: Demonstrates a retrieval on the recipes casebase
    • Package objects: Provides a demo class RecipesRetrievalDemo demonstrating an attribute-value based retrieval on the recipes casebase
    • Package workflows: Demonstrates a process-oriented retrieval on the recipes casebase
      • Package info: Provides classes to explore the underlying domain model
      • Package gui: Demonstrates graph-based retrieval with a graphical user interface
      • Package cli: Provides two demo classes (CLIDemoMetaDataQuery and CLIDemoGraphQuery) demonstrating the retrieval with an attribute-value query and a graph-based query

Setup for IntelliJ IDEA IDE #

Current development is done with IntelliJ IDEA on Windows 10. Since this project is based on the ProCAKE framework, both projects need to be stored in the same directory. To import the project please follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure that you have a current Java version installed. The ProCAKE framework expects Java 11.
  2. Before you start IntelliJ, download and install Git for Windows from
  3. Check out the ProCAKE project from In IntelliJ IDEA select VCS | Checkout from Version Control | Git. Close the project afterwards.
  4. Check out the demo project from into the same parent folder in which also the ProCAKE framework is stored. Close the project afterwards.
  5. In IntelliJ, import the demo project by selecting File | New | Project from Existing Sources.... Select import from external model and Maven and finish the dialog.
  6. Finally, the ProCAKE framework has to be added as submodule to the demo project. Navigate to File | Project Structure..., select Modules and + | Import Module, and select the demo project. Please consider that it is also possible to add the demo project as submodule to the ProCAKE framework after the checkouts.