Welcome to ProCAKE - The Process-Oriented Case-Based Knowledge Engine

ProCAKE evolved from several research projects at the University of Trier over the years. The domain-independent framework is tailored for the implementation of structural and process-oriented case-based reasoning applications for integrated process and knowledge management. The used process model can be expanded by domain-specific data classes and processes, leading to domain specific ontologies. For coping with knowledge intensive tasks required for context-based information support, ProCAKE uses workflow technology. A CBR-based search engine is integrated in ProCAKE for searching on workflow characterizations. The underlying technology can be denoted as a key technology provided by ProCAKE. All used technologies are explained more detailed in the following packages.

This GitLab project provides the source code of ProCAKE. The project is meant to be used and extended by sub-projects. The paper ProCAKE: A Process-Oriented Case-Based Reasoning Framework gives an overview of the main components and demonstrates their application by examples. This wiki provides a more in-depth description of available features.

A running demo is provided by a separate demo project.

A more detailed description of the source code is provided by the JavaDoc.

Content of this wiki: