Interface Reader

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AdaptationConfigParser, DependencyParserImpl, Deserializer, ModelParserImpl, NESTGraphParser, NESTSequentialWorkflowParser, NESTWorkflowParser, ObjectParser, ObjectPoolParser, PrologGraphParser, SimilarityModelParserImpl, StringReader, TrainingObjectPoolParser, TransformationConfigReaderImpl, XMLReaderImpl

public interface Reader extends IO
The Reader interface provides some common constants and methods for all io readers. The usage of a reader is quite simple:
 Reader reader = (Reader) IOFactory.newIO("..."); // change reader name
 reader.setFilename("..."); // or reader.setInputSource(is);
 Object model =;

The Reader has to guarantee that the object that is returned by read() can be casted to the object for that IO.isHandlerFor(Class) is true.

Rainer Maximini