Interface EvalMetric

All Known Implementing Classes:
CompletenessMetric, CorrectnessMetric, DistanceMetric, ErrorSpanMetric, HitsMetric, HitsNormMetric, KendallMetric, KEvalMetric, MAEMetric, MedianAverageErrorMetric, MSEMetric, QualityMuellerMetric, QualityStromerMetric, RMSEMetric, RMSLEMetric, RSquaredMetric, SpearmanMetric

public interface EvalMetric
Interface for representing ranking metrics.
Maximilian Hoffmann
  • Method Details

    • getMetricName

      default String getMetricName()
      Returns a name for the metric to be identified in any string representations.
      the name of the metric
    • computeEvalMetric

      double computeEvalMetric(SimpleSimilarityResult groundTruthResult, SimpleSimilarityResult predictedResult)
      Computes a ranking metric for the complete ranking.
      groundTruthResult - the ground-truth ranking
      predictedResult - the predicted ranking (to analyze)
      a double score