Class BPMNtoLayoutedBPMNConverter

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public class BPMNtoLayoutedBPMNConverter extends Object implements OneWayConverter<String,String>
Adds or updates layout information to BPMN XML string. This converter provides am optimized layout for block-oriented BPMN structure and uses the layouter from the activiti framework as a fallback. The optimized layout can be applied if the BPMN graph meets the following restrictions: single start and end node, no pools or lanes, XOR gateways with two branches only, no events
Clemens Reh, Christian Zeyen
  • Constructor Details

    • BPMNtoLayoutedBPMNConverter

      public BPMNtoLayoutedBPMNConverter()
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    • convert

      public String convert(String originXmlString)
      Description copied from interface: OneWayConverter
      Converts the origin object type to a target object type.
      Specified by:
      convert in interface OneWayConverter<String,String>
      originXmlString - object to be converted
      the converted object
    • isAllSubProcessesCollapsed

      public boolean isAllSubProcessesCollapsed()
    • setAllSubProcessesCollapsed

      public void setAllSubProcessesCollapsed(boolean flag)
    • getExpandedSubProcesses

      public List<String> getExpandedSubProcesses()
    • setExpandedSubProcesses

      public void setExpandedSubProcesses(List<String> expandedSubProcesses)
    • isReturnFormattedXml

      public boolean isReturnFormattedXml()
    • setReturnFormattedXml

      public void setReturnFormattedXml(boolean flag)
    • hasAppliedOptimizedLayoutSuccessfully

      public boolean hasAppliedOptimizedLayoutSuccessfully()