Class AStarCaseSolution

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AStarCaseSolution extends Object implements Comparable<AStarCaseSolution>
Represents a possible solution for a case, with a specific mapping.
Alexander Stromer
  • Field Details

    • useCaseOrientedMapping

      public boolean useCaseOrientedMapping
      Flag whether to use case-oriented mapping.
    • queryNodes

      public NESTGraphItemObject[] queryNodes
      Contains all not yet investigated GraphNodes of the query.
    • queryEdges

      public NESTGraphItemObject[] queryEdges
      Contains all not yet investigated GraphEdges of the query.
    • caseNodes

      public NESTGraphItemObject[] caseNodes
      Contains all not yet mapped GraphNodes of the case.
    • caseEdges

      public NESTGraphItemObject[] caseEdges
      Contains all not yet mapped GraphEdges of the case.
    • requiredNullMappingsForNode

      public Map<String,Integer> requiredNullMappingsForNode
      Required for deciding whether to add null mappings for nodes.
    • heuristic

      public AStarHeuristic heuristic
      A* dependent heuristic for estimating similarities of all not yet mapped graph items of the query.
    • mappedItems

      public Set<AStarGraphItemMapping> mappedItems
      Contains the mappings so far for the solution.
    • simPartial

      public double simPartial
      The sum of similarities of all already mapped graph items.
    • simEstimate

      public double simEstimate
      The current sum of estimated similarities of all not yet mapped graph items.
    • sim

      public double sim
      The current total similarity for this solution.
    • solutionID

      public long solutionID
      The unique ID of the CaseSolution.
  • Constructor Details

    • AStarCaseSolution

      public AStarCaseSolution(long solutionID)
      Standard constructor
    • AStarCaseSolution

      public AStarCaseSolution(long solutionID, AStarCaseSolution onBase)
  • Method Details