Class NESTSimilarityCacheCalculator<T extends NESTGraphObject>

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public class NESTSimilarityCacheCalculator<T extends NESTGraphObject> extends SimilarityCacheCalculator<T>
Multithreaded calculator to compute all pairwise similarities between nest graph objects stored in a given pool. The computed similarities are stored in the given cache. Please note that by default, existing similarities in the cache are not overwritten. If you would like to do a complete rebuild just clear the cache before or set the corresponding flag.

Make sure that the similarity cache is thread safe!

In addition to the similarity cache, an internal similarity cache can be set to the internal similarity valuator for caching local similarities.
  • Constructor Details

    • NESTSimilarityCacheCalculator

      public NESTSimilarityCacheCalculator()
    • NESTSimilarityCacheCalculator

      public NESTSimilarityCacheCalculator(int numberOfThreads)
    • NESTSimilarityCacheCalculator

      public NESTSimilarityCacheCalculator(int numberOfThreads, long timeoutMillisPerJob)
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