Interface SMTaxonomyNodeHeight

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SimilarityMeasure, SMTaxonomy
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public interface SMTaxonomyNodeHeight extends SMTaxonomy
This measure computes the similarity between two nodes based on the height of the nodes. To calculate the similarity between two nodes the common parent of the nodes is searched and the heights of the nodes, which start with 1 for the root and increases the height for each level, are sourced. Similar to the measure for the Classic User Weighted taxonomy, there are three different strategies for the calculation of the similarity:
Strategy Similarity sim(q,c)=
Optimistic height(commonFather(q,c)) / minimum(height(q), height(c)
Pessimistic height(commonFather(q,c)) / maximum(height(q), height(c)
Average height(commonFather(q,c)) / ((height(q) + height(c))/2)
Similarity calculation strategies
Rainer Maximini
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      Strategy getStrategy()
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      void setStrategy(Strategy strategy)
      strategy - Defined the strategy that should be used.