Interface SMStringNGram

  • All Superinterfaces:
    SimilarityMeasure, SMString
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    public interface SMStringNGram
    extends SMString
    Measures the nGram similarity of two strings. Splits both strings into all possible substrings of length n and computes a distance based on the number of identical sub-strings. The distance is normalized by division through the number of the maximum nGrams of both substrings. The comparison can be case sensitive or insensitive. For further explanation refer to the wiki.
    Alexander Schultheis
    • Method Detail

      • getN

        int getN()
        Gets the value of n-
        The value of n as integer
      • setN

        void setN​(int n)
        Sets the value for n.
        n - The required value for n
      • isCaseInsensitive

        boolean isCaseInsensitive()
        Gets boolean value, whether case is insensitive.
        True, if case is insensitive
      • isCaseSensitive

        boolean isCaseSensitive()
        Gets boolean value, whether case is sensitive.
        True, if case is sensitive
      • setCaseInsensitive

        void setCaseInsensitive()
        Sets case to insensitive.
      • setCaseSensitive

        void setCaseSensitive()
        Sets case to sensitive.