Interface SMOntologyIsEquivalent

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    SimilarityMeasure, SMOntology
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    public interface SMOntologyIsEquivalent
    extends SMOntology
    Calculates the similarity between query and case based on the existence of specific relations between query and case entity in an ontology. Different Relations can be defined and the check of existence can also be done transitive. If there is a connection between the query and case entities with a defined relation the similarity is 1.0, otherwise 0 .
    Tobias Dahlem
    • Method Detail

      • getEquivalenceRelations

        Map<String,​Boolean> getEquivalenceRelations()
        all relations for the existence check.
      • setEquivalenceRelations

        void setEquivalenceRelations​(Map<String,​Boolean> r)
        Replace the set of equivalence relations.
        r - the new set of the relations.
      • addEquivalenceRelation

        void addEquivalenceRelation​(String r,
                                    Boolean b)
        Add a relation to set of equivalence relations.
        r - the name of the relation.
        b - whether the relation should be considered transitive.
      • addEquivalenceRelations

        void addEquivalenceRelations​(Map<String,​Boolean> r)
        Add several relations to set of equivalence relations.
        r - the set of the relations.