Interface SMOntologyIndirectGroup

  • All Superinterfaces:
    SimilarityMeasure, SMOntology
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    public interface SMOntologyIndirectGroup
    extends SMOntology
    Calculates the similarity between query- and case-sets based on the pair similarity of their objects. The pairs a determined by the cartesian product, the pair similarity is calculated by a user-defined similarity measure und the similarities are aggregated by a user-defined aggregation function (Min, Max, Avg).
    Tobias Dahlem
    • Method Detail

      • getSimMeasure

        String getSimMeasure()
        the name of the similarity model used.
      • setSimMeasure

        void setSimMeasure​(String measure)
        Set the similarity measure for the determined pairs.
        measure - the name of the measure from the similarity model used.
      • setAggFunction

        void setAggFunction​(OntologyIndirectMeasureAggEnum aggFunction)
        Set the aggregation function for the calculated similarities.
        aggFunction - the name of the aggregation function.