Interface SMNumericFuzzy

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    SimilarityMeasure, SMNumeric
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    public interface SMNumericFuzzy
    extends SMNumeric
    Is providing fuzzy similarity functionality, according to the paper: Case-based Reasoning for Diagnosis of Stress using Enhanced Cosine and Fuzzy Similarity; by M. U. Ahmed, S. Begum, P. Funk, N. Xiong, B. V. Schéele, See paper page 13 for a visual description.

    A spread per value is defined, which allows triangle-areas on those values. If the areas of the compared values overlap, this indicates a similarity. max (Overlap/area1, Overlap/area2) is then similarity. *

    A more detailed description can be found in the wiki.

    Alexander Stromer, Alexander Schultheis
    • Method Detail

      • getSpread

        double getSpread()
        gets the spread of the fuzzy similarity
      • setSpread

        void setSpread​(double spread)
        sets the spread of the fuzzy similarity
        spread -