Class SMCollectionMappingImpl.AStarSolution

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public class SMCollectionMappingImpl.AStarSolution extends Object
represents a possible solution for a mapping scenario
  • Field Details

    • queryCollection

      public List<DataObject> queryCollection
      list of yet unmapped queryItems
    • caseCollection

      public List<DataObject> caseCollection
      list of yet unmapped caseItems
    • mapping

      list of mappings until now
    • g_Numerator

      public double g_Numerator
      sim-calc: the numerator of g (refer to A-Star for more detail)
    • g_h_Denominator

      public double g_h_Denominator
      sim-calc: the denominator of g and h (refer to A-Star for more detail)
    • h_Numerator

      public double h_Numerator
      sim-calc: the numerator of h (refer to A-Star for more detail)
    • itemID

      public int itemID
      keeps unique ID for this item
    • f

      public Similarity f
      keeps similarity
  • Constructor Details

    • AStarSolution

      public AStarSolution()
    • AStarSolution

      public AStarSolution(SMCollectionMappingImpl.AStarSolution oldSolution)
      copies the content of the submitted solution (convenience method)
  • Method Details

    • compareTo

      public int compareTo(de.uni_trier.wi2.procake.similarity.base.collection.impl.SMCollectionMappingImpl.AStarComparable o)
      Specified by:
      compareTo in interface Comparable<de.uni_trier.wi2.procake.similarity.base.collection.impl.SMCollectionMappingImpl.AStarComparable>