Class SMCollectionIsolatedMappingImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • SMCollectionIsolatedMappingImpl

        public SMCollectionIsolatedMappingImpl()
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      • computeLocalSimilarity

        protected Similarity computeLocalSimilarity​(DataObject queryElement,
                                                    CollectionObject caseCollection,
                                                    SimilarityValuator valuator)
        This method compares one element from the query with all elements from the case. The respective similarities of the query object to the respective case objects are calculated and the best mapping value is finally output. Since the isolated mapping measure can also be mapped several times to an element from the case, previous mappings do not have to be taken into account.
        queryElement - A single data object from the query collection for which the best mapping is searched.
        caseCollection - The collection case from which the element with the best possible mapping is searched.
        valuator - The similarity valuator to be used.
        The highest possible calculated similarity.