Interface SMCollectionMapping

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    SimilarityMeasure, SMCollection
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    public interface SMCollectionMapping
    extends SMCollection
    The CollectionMapping performs a best possible mapping of the query items to the case items of the collection. Note that not all case items have to be utilized in the mapping, but all query items are tried to map. Each query element can only be mapped on a case element, which hasn't already a mapping partner. If more query items than case items exist, some query items will get similarity 0 (which will add up to the complete similarity). If more case items than query items exist, then this will not interfere with the similarity-value (rather gives more possible match-scenarios).
    Alexander Stromer
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        static final int DEFAULT_MAX_QUEUE_SIZE
        Default maximum size of the solution queue is 1000
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      • getMaxQueueSize

        int getMaxQueueSize()
        Gets the queue size of the A* measure
        The maximum queue size
      • setMaxQueueSize

        void setMaxQueueSize​(int qSize)
        Sets the maximum size of the queue that stores the (partial) solutions of the A* algorithm. If the current queue grows larger than the set maximum, the lowest ranked solutions will be removed. Setting a negative value disables pruning of the queue.
        qSize - The maximum queue size