Interface SMCollection

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All Known Subinterfaces:
SMCollectionIsolatedMapping, SMCollectionMapping, SMListCorrectness, SMListMapping, SMListMappingWeighted
All Known Implementing Classes:
SMCollectionImpl, SMCollectionIsolatedMappingImpl, SMCollectionMappingImpl, SMListCorrectnessImpl, SMListMappingImpl, SMListMappingWeightedImpl

public interface SMCollection extends SimilarityMeasure
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    • getSimilarityToUse

      String getSimilarityToUse()
      The defined name of the SimilarityMeasure that should be used for the elements.
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    • setSimilarityToUse

      void setSimilarityToUse(String newValue)
      In general, the element objects of the collection are compared with their default similarity measure. But in some situations it can be necessary to use another similarity measure for the elements of a collection. Therefore, it exists the possibility to specify a similarity measure name that should be used instead. For each DataObject a similarity measure with that name should exist. Otherwise, the comparision of objects are ignored.


      • If the newValue is null the default measures of the objects are used. This is the default behaviour.
      • If the newValue is the name of a similarity measure, for each data class whose objects can be occured in the collection a similarity measure with this name must exist. Attention, this also include the common super classes of the objects.
      newValue - The name of the similarity measure that should be used for the elements.