Interface SMAggregateMinkowski

All Superinterfaces:
SimilarityMeasure, SMAggregate, SMAggregateWeighted
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
SMAggregateEuclidianImpl, SMAggregateMinkowskiImpl

public interface SMAggregateMinkowski extends SMAggregateWeighted
The Minkowski aggregation is a generalization of this weighted average. The higher the value of the parameter p ≥ 1, the higher is the influence of the attribute with the highest local similarity. For p to infinity this aggregation function becomes the maximum aggregation.

Φ(s, …, si) = (∑ni=1i · spi))1/p

  • Field Details

    • NAME

      static final String NAME
      Name of similarity measure is "AggregateMinkowski".
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      static final double DEFAULT_MINKOWSKY_P
      Default minkowsky p value is 2.0.
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  • Method Details

    • getMinkowskiP

      double getMinkowskiP()
    • setMinkowskiP

      void setMinkowskiP(double p)
      p - must be ≥ 1