Interface SMAggregateKMaximum

All Superinterfaces:
SimilarityMeasure, SMAggregate, SMAggregateWeighted
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public interface SMAggregateKMaximum extends SMAggregateWeighted
The k-maximum aggregation is a generalization of the standard maximum aggregation. The k highest local similarity value determines the global similarity. Hence, if k out of n attributes indicate a high utility, the overall utility for the whole case is high.

Φ(s, …, si) = maxniki · sik) with (ωi · sik) ≥ (ωi · sik)

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    • getK

      int getK()
      the k value for k-maximum
    • setK

      void setK(int k)
      To use the k-Maximum Aggregation it is necessary to set the k value. k