Class NESTWorkflowToFeatureVector


public class NESTWorkflowToFeatureVector extends Object
Capable of transforming a NESTGraph representation into the feature vector created by Alexander Stromer for his Master thesis in late 2012. Attribute structure and names are fixed, since the transformation has to go according to those variables. See model.xml and sim.xml for featurevector-related samples for more information on how the feature vector should look like.
Alexander Stromer
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    • NESTWorkflowToFeatureVector

      public NESTWorkflowToFeatureVector()
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    • getFeatureVector

      public AggregateObject getFeatureVector(NESTWorkflowObject nestGraph, SimilarityModel similarityModel)
      Returns the compiled feature vector. Caches the feature vector if it wasn´t changed since the last request.
      nestGraph - the NESTGraphObject to transform
      similarityModel - the sim model
      the generated FeatureVector