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public interface DependencyQuery extends Query
Interface, that provides a description of a dependency query to be used in Retriever.perform(Query). A dependency query object can be created using DependencyRetriever.newQuery(). Unlike the standard Query, a dependency query contains a list of all query objects as well as a list of dependencies.
Rahol Kumar, Alexander Schultheis
  • Method Details

    • addQueryObject

      void addQueryObject(DataObject queryObject)
      Method, that adds a new query object to the dependency query.
      queryObject - Data object to be used in the query.
    • addDependency

      void addDependency(Dependency dependency)
      Method, that adds a dependency to the query. The method checks, if the source and the target object of the dependency are already contained as query objects. If not, an exception will be thrown.
      dependency - The dependency to be added to the query.
    • getQueryObjects

      List<DataObject> getQueryObjects()
      Method, that returns a list of the query objects. The data type of the list is important here, because order of the query objects is essential for the later calculations.
      The query objects as a list.
    • getDependencies

      List<Dependency> getDependencies()
      Method, that returns a list of the desired dependencies.
      The desired dependencies as list.