Interface SubWorkflowObject

All Superinterfaces:
AbstractWorkflowItemObject, ControlflowItemObject, DataObject, ParentItemObject<SequencedObject>, PropertyHandler, SequencedObject, StatusableObject, WorkflowObject

public interface SubWorkflowObject extends ParentItemObject<SequencedObject>, SequencedObject, WorkflowObject
Interface of a subworkflow-object. Used in the controlflow of a workflow and subworkflow. Similar to a workflow-object but doesn't contain data-objects.
Christian Zeyen
  • Method Details

    • getSequence

      SequenceObject getSequence()
      Returns the main sequence of the subworkflow.
      Specified by:
      getSequence in interface WorkflowObject
    • setSequence

      void setSequence(SequenceObject sequence)
      Sets the main sequence of the subworkflow.
      Specified by:
      setSequence in interface WorkflowObject
    • getModel

      Model getModel()
      Returns the first sequence of the subworkflow. In many cases a subworkflow does only have one sequence. This method is just a shortcut for getting all sequences and fetching the first of those.
      Specified by:
      getModel in interface DataObject
      Specified by:
      getModel in interface WorkflowObject
      If available, first sequence of the subworkflow; NULL otherwise.
    • getAllTasks

      Set<TaskObject> getAllTasks()
      Returns all tasks from the subworkflow
      Specified by:
      getAllTasks in interface WorkflowObject