Interface DataReferenceObject

All Superinterfaces:
AbstractWorkflowItemObject, DataObject, PropertyHandler
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public interface DataReferenceObject extends AbstractWorkflowItemObject
Interface of a reference between a task and a data item. Since July 2012 data references can carry semantic descriptions, which provide additional information when the task uses/produces a data item. This contextual information about the dataitem can be something like the amount of gramm used for this specific task, whereas the general specification of the data item does not contain any quantity-information at all, OR contains a higher quantity.

WFItemID of a DataRef-Object is not used.

Alexander Stromer
  • Method Details

    • getDataItem

      DataflowWrapperObject getDataItem()
      Returns the stored reference to the dataitem.
    • setDataItem

      void setDataItem(DataflowWrapperObject dataItem)
      Sets the given reference to the internal storage of the data item. If a data item is set, the dataitemID will automatically update to the ID of this referred dataitem.
      dataItem -
    • getDataItemID

      String getDataItemID()
      Returns the current internal stored data item ID.
    • setDataItemID

      void setDataItemID(String dataItemID)
      Sets a specific dataItemID to be stored internally.
      dataItemID -