Interface AbstractWorkflowItemObject

All Superinterfaces:
DataObject, PropertyHandler
All Known Subinterfaces:
ControlflowItemObject, DataflowWrapperObject, DataReferenceObject, NodeObject, ParentItemObject<T>, SequencedObject, SequenceObject, StatusableObject, SubWorkflowObject, TaskObject, WorkflowObject
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractWorkflowItemObjectImpl, ControlflowItemObjectImpl, DataflowWrapperObjectImpl, DataReferenceObjectImpl, NodeObjectImpl, ParentItemObjectImpl, SequenceObjectImpl, StatusableObjectImpl, TaskObjectImpl, WorkflowObjectImpl

public interface AbstractWorkflowItemObject extends DataObject
Interface of an abstract object used in a workflow. CAKE III - Extension. Every CAKE III - workflow object should be based on this abstract object. Its purpose is to implement a referenceID, which all elements of a workflow do carry.
Alexander Stromer
  • Method Details

    • getWFItemId

      String getWFItemId()
      Returns the workflow-unique reference-ID of this element.
      Unique ID
    • setWFItemId

      void setWFItemId(String id)
      Sets the workflow-unique reference-ID of this element.
      id - Unique ID
    • getSemanticDescriptor

      DataObject getSemanticDescriptor()
      Returns additional information for this workflow-element.
      Additional information.
    • setSemanticDescriptor

      void setSemanticDescriptor(DataObject newObject)
      Sets additional information for this workflow-element.
      newObject - Additional information.
    • getWorkflow

      WorkflowObject getWorkflow()
      Returns the workflow associated with this controlflow-item.
      The workflow-object for this item.
    • setWorkflow

      void setWorkflow(WorkflowObject workflow)
      Sets the workflow where this item is integrated.
      workflow - The workflow for this item.