Class WFBlockToUIGraph.CreatedNodes

Enclosing class:

protected class WFBlockToUIGraph.CreatedNodes extends Object
Internal return value when creating the appropriate GraphNodes for the block-oriented workflow-object.
Alexander Stromer
  • Field Details

    • openingNode

      public NESTNodeObject openingNode
      The transformed GraphNode of the block-oriented workflow-object.
    • closingNode

      public NESTNodeObject closingNode
      An additional GraphNode, which represents a closing GraphNode in the graph. In many cases this value is the same as the openingNode, as there is no separate closingNode. An exception is transforming a NodeObject (node) of the block-oriented workflow-objectmodel, since the NodeObject has to be represented with an additional GraphNode in the graph-representation.
  • Constructor Details

    • CreatedNodes

      protected CreatedNodes()