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WFBlockToNESTWorkflow, WFBlockToUIGraph

public abstract class WFBlockToGraph extends Object implements WorkflowBlockListener
Generic implementation for workflow-block to any graph - transformation
Alexander Stromer
  • Field Details


      protected String NODE_END_PREFIX
      Prefix for endnodes of NodeObjects (nodes) of the block-oriented workflow-objectmodel.

      protected String DATA_ELEMENT_PREFIX
      Prefix for dataelements (DataflowWrapperObjects) of the block-oriented workflow-objectmodel.

      protected String SUBWFL_ID_PREFIX
      Prefix for subworkflows of the block-oriented workflow-objectmodel.

      protected String EDGE_ID_PREFIX
      Prefix for edges without any previous ID when converted to NESTGraph.
    • model

      protected Model model
      Stores the model used for instantiating all CAKE I - objects.
    • graph

      protected NESTWorkflowObject graph
      Stores the resulting graph of all operations.
    • transformationConfig

      protected TransformationConfig transformationConfig
      quick reference to transformation configuration
  • Constructor Details

    • WFBlockToGraph

      public WFBlockToGraph(Model model)
      Standard constructor.
      model - The model, which should be used for instantiating the CAKE I - objects.
  • Method Details

    • doInit

      protected void doInit()
      Handles additional initialization for the subclasses. This is not done in the constructor, because of the special handling of concrete-class-variable-instantiation of JAVA. (Abstract methods dont execute correctly in abstract constructors)
    • createEmptyGraph

      protected abstract void createEmptyGraph()
      Instantiates the necessary GraphNodes & GraphEdges to represent an empty graph.
    • getGraph

      public NESTWorkflowObject getGraph()
      Returns the created graph based on the transmitted events.
      The created graph.
    • getNewEdgeID

      protected String getNewEdgeID()
      Returns a new workflow-unique ID for an edge, which consists of a special prefix for edges + an autoincremented integer.