Interface NESTSubWorkflowNodeObject

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<NESTGraphItemObject>, DataObject, NESTGraphItemObject, NESTNodeObject, PropertyHandler
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public interface NESTSubWorkflowNodeObject extends NESTNodeObject
Interface of a SubWorkflow-Node of a NEST-graph. Each subworkflow consists of exactly one subworkflow node as root. It can contain any number of subworkflow nodes inside that are connected via part-of edges. A subworkflow node is not a part of the controlflow, subworkflow nodes are only connected by part-of edges. The semantic description associated to a subworkflow node represents some overall properties of the entire subworkflow. This can be a subworkflow classification in some ontology, a set of semantic tags, or other properties related to the quality or execution requirements of the subworkflow.
Christian Zeyen
  • Method Details

    • getParentNode

      NESTNodeObject getParentNode()
      Returns the parent node that is connected to this SubworkflowNode by a part-of-edge.
      the parent node, or null, if there is no parent node
    • getSubGraph

      NESTWorkflowObject getSubGraph()
      Returns a copy of the subgraph with this object as the root node. The subworkflow object becomes a workflow object.
      The NESTGraphObject of this subworkflow node.
    • deleteSubgraph

      void deleteSubgraph()
      Deletes the subgraph of this SubworkflowNodeObject recursively.