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NESTGraphWriter, NESTSequentialWorkflowWriter, NESTWorkflowWriter, ObjectHandler, ObjectPoolHandler, ObjectPoolWriter, ObjectWriter

public interface ObjectTags
All tags, attributes and values of cdm.xsd.

The representation of the data objects in XML is defined by the XML Schema definition CDOL. An example of a memory system IP looks like:

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <Agg xmlns=""
  <P n="description">Example of a memory System IP</P>
  <AA n="m" v="4048MB"/>
  <AA n="b" v="4"/>
  <AA n="a" v="32">
  <P n="unit">Bit</P>
  <AA n="t" v="LS TTL"/>

In this example an AggregateObject is modelled that is an instance of a data class called MemorySystemClass. The aggregate object contains a property "description" that describes the IP in natural language. Furthermore, it contains four of the five attributes that are defined in its type; attributes without a value can be omitted. Each attribute is described by its name (XML attribute "n") and by its value (XML attribute "v"). The attribute "a" contains an attribute property "unit" that specifies the unit of the value 32. The unit of a value can be embedded in the attribute properties as well as in the DataClass like the unit "MB" in the MemorySizeType.

Rainer Maximini
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